Keep More of Your Money

Stages Premier brokerages reduce opex by 47%*

Opening and running a traditional brokerage is Expensive! (Yes, thats a capital E.) Not so, with Stages Premier.

We created Stages Premier to reduce brokerage entry and operating costs. Get started with a low, one-time boot-up fee; then, leverage all of our Managed Services cost-free until close. At closing, an affordable, fixed fee translates to monthly operating expenses that make traditional brokerage models obsolete. Lower costs greater profits,and more reward for your business. What agent wouldnt love a smart brokerage like that?!

*- based on REALTrends 2012 Brokerage Report.

Move Beyond Conventional

Local is the new Central

small or BIG, Stages Premier fits!

Urban Projects. Fringe Suburbs. Rural Communities. Coastal Hamlets. With our tidy footprint, Stages Premier offices are simple and inexpensive to place. Think about what that means for specialty environments: marina communities, ski resorts, development projects, festival outlets, etc. Wherever you think an exciting brokerage opportunity exists, you’ll find the Stages Premier tends to agree.

The spr|catalyst Advantage

Unified cloud services & automation

Stages Premier brokerages operate from a unique source of cloud based tools, and real-time, human based support services. The SPR|catalyst dashboard is a turnkey business management offering that removes the tedium from running a traditional brokerage, and, it ignites brokerage productivity, spr|catalyst is a total brokerage management solution that includes all broker and agent productivity tools-with human-based support.

By interacting with an attractive, cloud-based dashboard, brokers and their agents and clients can eliminate paperwork, manage workflows, track business, view and complete contracts, and much more-from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. The dashboards ease of use lowers training and operating costs, while improving client satisfaction.

Respect The Clock: Learn More, NOW

Fully Leverage tomorrow's market, by joining with Stages today!

Are you considering opening your own brokerage? Are you want to convert from an existing brokerage that is out of step with the current market environment? You won't get better results without taking action.

Stages Premier opportunities are available, and waiting for your call. Put yourself in the position to truly leverage the upcoming real estate boom. This innovative brokerage concept began in 2009. So, it's been tested, proven, and refined, and is now ready for your engagement-anywhere in the United States and Canada!

Traditional Start-up Steps | Very Time Consuming and Expensive

Go get business, recruit agents, keep agents, hire more support, grow brand, do your own listings, and manage employees.

SPR Start-Up | Get Started Day One!

Go get business, recruit agents, keep agents.
except for the not another franchise concept!

one-time start up fee|low monthly support fee

no ongoing annual or royalty fees-ever!

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